How to write a test scenario for login page

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Test Cases for Login Screen Page

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Amazon search test case document 1. Canvas Info Tech Inc. EXAMPLE OF A TEST CASE (Amazon) Test Requirem Case Test ent Num Case Number ber Name UC UC Search for a TC00 product: Good 1 search Search for a TC00 product: Empty 2 Search Test case description Target URL (if any) Sequence of Steps If Failed, Expected Results Actual Results Pass/Fail Defect ID 1.

Answer / sudesh kumar khete. test scenario is a situation which a tester takes and write test cases on test scenario might contain single or number of test cases.

Test Scenarios of GMail

Writing User Stories, Examples and Templates In Agile Methodologies In Agile methodology ‘User Story’ is a unit of work that should be completed in one sprint.

Smaller than that it’s a task, more than week(s) of work is Epic or Theme. Selenium and TestNG This might be a good approach if you are writing a manual test case. However, since we are writing an automated test, we want to write our script as modular as possible to be able to reuse parts of it in future scenarios.

Open the Admin Login page Enter valid login data Navigate to the Write Post page Write the post. Scenario: User is greeted upon login Given the user "Aslak" has an account When he logs in Then he should see "Welcome, Aslak" The first scenario has lots of extra information: password, form labels, button text, current browser location.

Write a test cases on a facebook. Answer / bharath login in to gmail with valid user id and password and copy/cut the login page url and sign .

How to write a test scenario for login page
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What is a test scenario? write atleast 15 test scenarios for gmail?