How to write a jingle song for math

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Carter Community H.S. District 94 West Chicago, IL Dane R. Camp New Trier High School Winnetka, Illinois. Dec 08,  · A tlantic High junior Jackson Destine loves to he apparently also loves “Math Nation,” a free math-tutoring software tool created by the University of Florida’s Lastinger Center for Learning.

Destine was so pleased with how it helped his improvement in math class that his teacher suggested he write a song about the program.

Math Jingle Sound Effects

WRITING. Writing Strategies Students write words and brief sentences that are legible. Organization and Focus Use letters and phonetically spelled words to write about experiences, stories, people,objects, or events.

Write consonant-vowel-consonant words (i.e. Math Graphic Organizers Help your students enhance their math skills and stay on track with these homework checklists, KWL charts, column charts and more.


Check out this rapping teen’s ode to ‘Math Nation’

Jones shares Sing Along Songs with easy, repeating lyrics sung to familiar tunes. While a midi plays children can try to read the printed words using the picture clues to help them figure out and remember the words.

Strategies for Teaching Science to English Language Learners is the place to go to get the answers you need and to ask the questions you want.

How to write a jingle song for math
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Mrs. Jones - Free Sing Along Songs