How to write a byline for a feature article

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How to Write a Byline

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Lest your article byline should be about you or your argument, relate it to the end being read. As always when writing for the webone main argument is to keep it short.

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But there are a thesis of criteria. Knowing a few quick rules about writing a byline is the passive to being able to think a useful byline. For example, the designer of a website should be named when writing an article discussing that design.

If somebody often writes about a certain topic, regular readers might recognize the name and want to seek out the writer's other articles. Mar 24,  · okay so im writing a byline for my feature article about heath ledger and how he just kept on going with his career until he made it to the big time like he wanted, and i apparently need to add my name in it but i dunno how to Status: Resolved.

Write a feature article about a person who, while not famous, would be of interest to a teenage audience. Position the reader to feel a certain way about the person. You cannot do a feature article on someone famous sorry Psy:(A personality profile gives insight into a. Each Feature Article has a headline.

Feature Articles generally include a synopsis as part of the byline. Feature Articles include a byline. The byline states the name of the writer.

Good transitions in feature writing mean that one paragraph moves smoothly to the next one. Good transitions work by repeating a word, phrase or idea that. Remember that this is a byline article, not an advertisement.

The intent is to establish thought leadership and gain exposure for a product or service with out blatantly pitching it to readers. Check the guidelines of the publication for which you’re writing.

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While your article byline should be about you or your company, relate it to the article being read. Instead of linking to your website's homepage, link to an article on your website that readers can click over to for further information about the topic they are reading.

How to write a byline for a feature article
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